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On the surface, Annabelle Creation lacks the spooky jolt that Paranormal Activity or The Conjuring had excelled at providing, but on a deeper level it does what James Wan's other movies have done best. It builds suspense through its narrative elements. On one hand, there's the suspense of wondering how alive Annabelle is and what she'll do next. Is she just an object who responds to stimuli or is she something more? What are her motivations? And on the other side, there are some genuinely unsettling sequences of strange occurrences which will have you checking your windows before you get into bed at night. Director David F. Sandberg ( Lights Out ) delivers a stylish and efficiently paced story that effectively builds tension and reveals enough information to keep us fascinated without revealing too much. Just like before, Annabelle's doll looks like a well placed marketing gimmick for the movie rather than the actual movie itself. The latest movie in the Conjuring Universe is about a doll sent from hell, not a doll being sent from hell, which is something I should have been more aware of going into this film. The first half of the first Conjuring film was based on making us believe that what we were watching was a true story, and then it pulled a fast one on us by introducing another world beyond what we were seeing with our own eyes. This film makes no such mystery. If anything, its even more straightforward than the first Conjuring, with the supernatural element of Annabelle's actions clearly explained right from the get go. She's an evil doll possessed by an evil spirit of some kind, and she isn't actually real at all. Likewise, The Conjuring 2 returned to its more grounded horror roots while still introducing some supernatural elements that were never fully explained. This film is much less prone to hand waving or using any sort of world-building device to explain how it all works, which is good because it gets rid of the confusion that came with the second movie. The interplay between the two leads, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, has the right amount of simple chemistry to provide an easy believe in their onscreen love. One thing that's interesting is how the film takes so much effort to emphasize that Annabelle is just a doll, and not a real person at all. There's a distinct lack of actual human actors in the film's twelve minute trailer: we don't see any actual people move around or speak or do anything. At one point there's this triumphant moment where we see a group of people hide from an apparition but it turns out they're just stuffed dolls on sticks with some lines drawn on them on top of some painted cardboard cutouts on sticks. Most of the other actors aren't quite so wooden, but there's very little one can do with a doll. Even if you're just doing your best to act natural holding something that doesn't really move, you're still acting weird. And that's enough to take away from the believability of it all. Annabelle is the only movie in the "Conjuring" series where I thought, "hey, I kind of liked this." And I think it's because it didn't make me feel like it was trying to be clever by having random supernatural elements thrown in halfway through the story. It was straightforward.


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